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It's All Over

Sunday, 19 March 2017
To all my loyal readers over the years I want to start by saying a massive thankyou to you all for sticking with me, enjoying what I write and making me feel like I was good at something.

I don't want you to get too upset, I will still be blogging but I will be putting my heart into something I truly love and believe in. I have struggled over the past few months with knowing what I want out of life and I've been putting my blog on the back burner, not because I fell out of love with blogging but because I didn't believe in anything I was writing.

Being a lifestyle blogger is like swimming with the biggest school of fish in the ocean, you have to be 100% dedicated to break out of the pack to make yourself a success and with finishing uni and walking into a full time job I wasn't one for making that commitment. Lifestyle blogging is very duplicate when it comes to content. You can write beauty reviews, fashion posts and take your readers travelling with you but they've probably read a lot of variations of the same thing before they have reached you. In my opinion I wasn't capable enough to come up with original ideas or when it came to writing similar content because I wasn't excited by the thought of writing there was nothing new and fresh in my content. So I appologise for being a crappy blogger.

So now I would like to welcome my new blog. A blog I have 100% love for and am wanting to put 100% dedication into because this is the one thing I care for most. Dogs. I know a lot of my readers loved my Archieventure series over on this blog and I've decided to expand that concept to a full working blog called "The Barking Times." Not only will there be adventures of Archie, Dexter and Denzil but there will also be how to guides, product reviews and a star dog each month. I'm not going to go into too much detail because you can all go and join my new community of cute dogs.

The link to my new blog is

I want to say a massive thankyou once more for all your support and understanding my heart just isn't in this blog anymore.

See you on the doggy side.

1 comment on "It's All Over"
  1. you are amazing and dont for a second think that your writing is worth nothing. it brought smiles to my faces so many times. you are good at what you do so keep doing it. and love yourself!