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The Body Shop- Hemp Cream

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Everyone who is plagued with psoriasis gather round! I'm going to share my secret with you all on how to clear up your problems and possibly eczema. My psoriasis is only mild, it flares up on my elbows, on my hairline and occasionally on the backs of my knees when I'm stressed or am having a bad run of anxiety. It's sore, itchy and ugly especially when it gets in your hairline because you either look like you have nits or extreme dandruff.

I've attended a few of The Body Shop blogger events in the past and although they were to show us the latest product launches I wanted to know if there was anything that they recommend for my psoriasis. That's when I got a sample of their Hemp Body Butter and ever since then I've dedicated my life to hemp, using it not only for my psoriasis but also the hand and foot cream are an essential in my skin care draw.

What is hemp? I'm not going into a whole scientific definition because I got a D in science and I'll just make a fool of myself... all I know is that Hemp is one of the oldest crops in the world, over the years people have benefited hugely from its oils and medicinal purpose. It comes from the same species as the cannabis plant but using the non-psychoactive variety of hemp meaning you don't get high but will still produce rich oils, perfect for moisturising products.

After trying various creams to try and clear up my psoriasis this is the first thing that works in up to two days depending on the severity of the break out. The only thing I haven't yet cured is the problem on my scalp, I don't fancy rubbing body butter into my hair so if anyone has a holy grail for scalp psoriasis give me a shout. I cannot give my full word on whether it would clear up more severe cases of psoriasis or eczema because it's not something I have myself but it's definitely worth a try.

After I was given my sample the little pot probably lasted me about 2-3 months, the cream is that moisturising you need the tiniest amount and it goes a long way. It's extremely cooling, relieving any pain in your most problem areas. Admittedly the smell isn't great but if it clears up the soreness, the itching and redness of the rash then the smell will be the last thing on your mind.

So thankyou The Body Shop for changing my life and giving me one less thing to worry about when I'm stressed or anxious. If any of you end up trying this cream give me a shout and let me know how you get on!

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  2. A friend of mine uses the Hemp Cream and it too has changed her life in a lot of ways. I think The Body Shop is doing such an amazing job by providing such quality products.

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