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A Weekend In Windermere

Thursday, 1 September 2016
August Bank Holiday, the last long weekend before Christmas and this year me and Ben decided to actually do something rather than lounge about and fester in front of the TV. With previous plans to go to Leeds Festival as part of my birthday present, instead we opted for a more relaxed weekend in Windermere.

We arrived on the Friday and stayed at Autumn Leaves Guest House, a beautiful little bed and breakfast pretty much central to Windermere and just a short walk down to the lake. We got settled into our home for the weekend and went down to the lake to explore. Unexpectedly the weather was beautiful and after finding a boat hire cabin we took that as an opportunity to get out and explore the largest lake in England. "Head to the yellow buoy and make a right, you'll get the best views out there" and we definitely did. Where I live I am so close to the lake district, yet I've never been to places like Windermere and I've never experienced the views that I did that day, it was incredible.

On the Saturday we were up early as we had planned to go walking up Helvellyn, the third highest mountain in the Lake District. I'm no experienced walker, I walk quite often, going up the three Yorkshire Peaks and Malham regularly, however I was not prepared for the challenge of Helvellyn. The whole walk is around 8 miles of  constant ascending and then constant descending which puts a huge strain on your knees, calves, thighs.... Just everywhere on your legs basically. Not only do you have the physical strain of the walk but once you reach striding edge it's a scramble to the top, having to rock climb and pull your way up the last part of the mountain to reach the top which was fun, but extremely tiring.
5 hours later we had done it. My legs were shaking and I had developed some very attractive tan lines as once again the weather was on our side. It may have been a struggle but the sense of accomplishment and the views we had were worth every minute.

After the mountain walk on Saturday we opted for a day of rest on Sunday. Having a lie-in watching Sunday Brunch and then heading down to the cinema to watch Finding Dory. I thought the smallest cinema that existed was in Skipton, however walking into the cinema screen there was 8 rows of seats and a velvet drop down curtain over the screen and Skipton's cinema had now been upstaged.
After the Cinema I (dragged) Ben to go see the World Of Beatrix Potter exhibition as this year celebrates 150 years since her birth. Although it was full of hyperactive screaming children it was still magical to me, seeing all the characters and learning where all her inspiration stemmed from.

When Monday arrived we decided to have another relaxed day, although we had to check out of the room by 10 we slept through breakfast and got up in our own time. Seeing the blue sky through the window we decided to take a walk back down to the lake and get another boat out onto the lake before we set off back home. We got out onto the lake, switched off the engine and absorbed as much peace and fresh air we possibly could.

I've never known how lucky I was to live so close to beautiful places like these but now I know where they are I'm positive I will be visiting a lot more.

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  1. It looks like you had a great holiday and visited a lot of places! the pictures are exquisite and you look very happy! A holiday near a lake is very nice indeed!