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Saturday, 10 October 2015
Why isn't everyday world mental health day? There are so many people in the world who live with and struggle to live with mental illnesses and the way I see it is that it should be treated the same as any other illness. If you're poorly or don't feel well you go get help, but with mental illnesses a lot of the time you're too afraid to go to the doctors or even to just talk out loud about it because for some reason it's seen as a sign of weakness, "a mad person's disease." 
I want to use this post to share with you some problems I face because some things in my list may relate to a lot of people and I want those people to know that they aren't alone. 

Why am I ashamed to have anxiety? I shouldn't be, I can't change this. 
Why do I worry that every time I go out my friends are going to shun me for having a panic attack, for leaving early, for not being fun? Because I'm embarrassed when it happens and I'm too concerned about what other people think. 
Why do I panic about panicking? Because I'm my own worst enemy. 
Why do I think that my anxiety makes me look weak? Because when people have their first panic attack they think they are having a heart attack, and I have to deal with these every time I'm in a situation I feel uncomfortable in. 
Why can I not be excited to go places? Because I'm too busy worrying about what it's going to be like, how busy it might be, whether I'm going to have a panic attack. Stepping into the unknown, even if it's going to a new town, shopping centre can be terrifying.
Why do I have to plan months ahead for the smallest events? Because being unorganised panics me. Others might be able to get up and go, I have a list of things I need just in case I get an attack. 
Why am I still unable to talk to people about it? Because a lot of the time people have made me feel weak or weird or ashamed for being this way and if I don't know you I will suffer in silence. 

I have my ways of coping with it, but when I find myself in those situations people are more concerned about carrying on their night out, or getting on with their day, you seem like you are an inconvenience to them. If you don't know how to deal with someone who is in that situation you might want to read this. 
Having someone just sit next to you and hold your hand or have their arm around you, when they breath with you, make sure you've done all the procedures and not only remove you from the situation but stay with you after it are the best people. The people that don't roll their eyes or sigh or sulk afterwards. The minute that they portray that you've ruined their day or their night are not the kind of people you want to be around. Be with the people who give you space when you need it and understand that you want to be left alone for a couple days. Be with the people who know that you can look after yourself, but will always be there when that extra support is needed. 

I started with anxiety when I was around 14, I'm now 20 and although I have overcome a lot of issues there's always something new that comes a long in life. I know that being a teenager with anxiety or even depression is the worst. Teenagers are the least sympathetic people, when you have a panic attack in school you're "attention seeking" or you're just that weird girl that freaks out over nothing. Either that or people don't believe you, say that you must be faking it because someone that young can't have any worries or any problems to make you like that. 

I'll probably have this for the rest of my life. Probably not as bad as was or is now but aspects of my life will always be held back by anxiety. 

We need to start speaking out. Getting help and supporting each other. 

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  1. Thankyou for writing this post - its good to know that myself and others aren't alone! I can totally relate to everything here and you're right, its hard to deal with sometimes, but there are ways of managing!

    Lucy |

  2. That's such a tragedic store,it brought tears to my eyes.Sometimes people has to die in war without being guilty and that's exactly happened to john veckly Jr.