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The Cake'ole number 2!?

Monday, 10 August 2015
Yes you heard correctly The Cake'ole 2 has been born and it's just as wacky and exciting as the original. If any of the new readers don't know what I'm talking about then I suggest you read THIS blog post and get up to Yorkshire to get yourself a treat.
The Cake'ole 2 has just opened in Keighley, West Yorkshire and is now home to even more delights and crazy decor. We picked the most miserable day of the summer to go which was great because you know there's always a blue sky and a happy atmosphere in The Cake'ole. I was treated to afternoon tea which consisted of sandwiches, scones and all the types of cake you could ever want. Me being me I had to explore all the new quirky features of the cafe, looking like a typical tourist. Everytime I enter The Cake'ole in Skipton there's always some kind of new decoration and it doesn't matter how random or eccentric the design, it will always strangely fit the shop and add a new personal touch. There is the same feel to the Keighley cafe, you always find something new each time you look around and I love that.

The best thing about being in the Keighley Cake'ole is that you can see and feel how much work and effort has gone into making the shop one of a kind. Although there are now 2 Cake'ole cafes they are both so different and unique. The time and passion that has gone into creating something next level has definitely paid off. I could sit and write about the interior for hours but I think it's best to let the photo's do the talking. 
So I'm happy to say that if you are ever passing through Skipton OR Keighley you can now experience the joys of The Cake'ole and I will now definitely be recommending the afternoon tea.

1 comment on "The Cake'ole number 2!?"
  1. This cake ole 2 cafe is kinda cool.I haven't visited yet but after reading your reviews I do wanna eat its yummy cuisines.