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10 things on my 21 bucket list.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015
Last year when I turned 19 I made a yearly bucket list of things to do before I was 20. It was a personal bucket list with some deeper things on it than just travelling. However I stuck to it and managed to only miss out on doing 3 things on that list. This year I'm in a better position in my life to make this bucket list public of all the things I want to achieve before I turn 21.

1) Visit the elephant nature park, Chiang Mai. 
Probably the priciest thing on my list but something I need to experience. I'd love to be up close with elephants they are the most beautiful animals, but a lot of places don't take care of them properly and abuse it for tourist reasons. At the elephant nature park you take the time to look after the elephants, feed them, bathe them, still giving you the personal experience with the elephants but taking care of them rather than abusing them. I'm not hopeful that this WILL happen just because money is an issue but it's going to be a must that is carried through my life.
2) Gain weight. 
Doesn't need any explanation really. Anyone who has followed my blog for a while will know I have issues with my weight despite eating like a pig. I'm at a point in my life where I am really not happy with anything about my body and it's time to take action.
3) Finish my degree 
Second year has been hard. There's no doubt about it and it's going to get more difficult in my final year. This year I want to keep focused and do as well as I can. I know I'm not the brightest button so I'm aiming for a 2:1 but I want to fight for that first.
4) Visit The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam. 
I'm still on my World War 2/holocaust tour and after Auchswitz that was next on my list. Amsterdam is a destination that is on my big bucket list, it seems like a fascinating place and thanks to John Green I can also fan girl about being there. A few nights away won't break the bank too much... Hopefully.
5) Skydive. 
Yep. Myself being a nervous, anxiety ridden mess wants to jump out of a plane. This was one of the things that was on my list last year and I never found the guts to do it. Maybe this year... maybe not. Who knows?
6) Ride in a hot air balloon. 
So as you can tell heights aren't really a problem for me. I enjoy being high up and being able to look around for miles and miles. Plus hot air balloons are cool and they always look so pretty when they are in the sky. I'd like to be a part of that prettiness.
7) Drink more. 
More water that is. Despite dehydrating myself so badly last month that I was bedridden for a week there are still days when I barely drink anything. I don't really know why there's just no explanation but it's definitely not doing my health any good.
8) Gain PR experience. 
Public relations is where I want to head in my career. In today's world experience is just as important as qualifications and although I achieved some really good grades in my PR module at uni I want to be able to show that I have worked within the industry as well as just studied it.
9) Help myself. 
I'm the most stubborn person and I don't like asking for or getting help which makes things 10 times harder and more awkward for myself. I don't know why I'm like this and I'm probably never going to fully change. Even the smallest things like having headache or stomach ache I won't take a paracetamol, I'll just ride it out. I need to stop doing it and just help myself out and stop stressing myself out for no reason.
10) Take more photos.
This is one of those things I say every year and kind of do it but not to the extent I imagine in my head. Getting a camera that works properly would probably be the first thing to do but just to carry a little digital camera around with me, create folders and just capture more moments.

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  1. lucy, i love your bucket list as i can relate to it on so many levels. i can amready match a few things. now all that is left is to complete the bucket list