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Messy Beehive Updo

Sunday, 7 June 2015
SO much time has gone into this blog post and I've been debating whether to post it just because of the poor quality of it but I was actually asked to do this post by a girl who saw me at work and wanted to know how to do it. It was probably one of the oddest things have someone recognise me through this but kinda nice at the same time so I didn't want to let her down. Because my other normal lens broke I've had to use my 30-110mm lens which is hell when you are on your own because it's twice as hard to focus and position and... you'll see what I mean.
ANYWAY this is a really nice and quick updo that you can just never go wrong on.

1) Firstly you need to separate your fringe, then starting at your crown backcomb underneath down to the roots. Beforehand you can always spray some backcombing spray, the more texture the better.
2) Keep backcombing sections of your hair and placing them to the back of your head. Don't worry about any strays you can either lightly comb over them to neaten them up or leave them to create the messy look we want.
3) Then gather all your backcombed sections and pin into place at the back of your head. You could also leave the look like this and have it half up half down.
4) To pin the hair up gather the remaining hair that is at the bottom into a loose bun and secure with a bobble.
5) Any loose stands can then be pinned into place to cover up the bobble or any pins and finally pull out any parts of your fringe or loose hairs to shape your face.

Denzil also had his first experience of how to do a hair tutorial today. Archie usually sits and watches me anyway because he's my little blogging buddy but Denz definitely didn't have a clue what was going on and usual puppy style thought running away with the comb and hairspray lids was hilarious. With camera issues and dogs it actually took me about 2 hours to get photos taken, It's all worth it though!

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  1. This is so pretty, definitely going to try it out x

    Lucy |