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My favourite holiday essentials.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It makes me so giddy to be writing summer posts and all things holiday. Its exactly 92 days until me and Ben will be jetting off to the Greek island of Crete and I'm already pretty prepared for it. It's my first proper holiday in over 2 years and I'm just looking forward to getting away and getting a tan. 

I thought I'd just pick a few definite things I'll be packing and why they are my holiday necessities. 

Playsuits: These things are a nightmare on a night out granted, but to take on holiday they turn into a god send. They take up less space in your suitcase, you can throw them on to go to the beach or dress them up for night time. My favourite one here is from Urban Outfitters, it did set me back £45 but I knew it was an investment and I'd regret not buying it. 

Hats: I'm a hat girl. I have so many hats/hair accessories it's becoming worrying and I probably need to attend a support group. However, it's kind of important to have one on holiday. I've had sun stroke several times and it's possibly the most horrible thing to have on holiday so taking a hat and making sure you're protected at the  hottest points of the day you're sure to be fine. Mine is from Newlook and actually goes really well with the playsuit. (Good job Lucy) 

Bikinis: The worst possible shopping I ever have to endure is bikini shopping. Not only does my ridiculously out of proportion body make it difficult I also have massive body confidence issues and usually end up wanting to curl up in an emotional ball by the end of it. However Next is usually very kind to me with bikinis and they look almost acceptable so I can deal with that. Everyone needs swimwear on holiday, it's a must. 

Foundation: I'm not planning on taking that much makeup on holiday with me. It's just something I don't feel is necessary. 2 foundations I feel are perfect for holidays are The Body Shop BB cream and also Mac's Face and Body foundation. The BB cream acts as a moisturiser as well as giving you that subtle glow and the face and body foundation is also a really light and sheer coverage. You don't want anything heavier than these on holiday otherwise you'll just clog up your skin and that is not nice. 

If any of you have any staple items that must be packed in your suitcase let me know! When I eventually get on holiday I'll be swapping between a disposable camera and my Nikon so there will be a generic holiday photo post up for that. 

Happy travelling! 

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