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Friday, 15 May 2015

2 weeks ago a new app was put onto Apple's app store called Feels. It's the first fashion-modelling app and they are in partnership with Storm which is pretty huge!

The app allows you to to upload photo's of your outfits and tag the brands you are wearing. Not only can the brands then see what you are wearing but you can also enter into castings for different brands and kick start your modelling career. I recently wrote a story about the app over on LTjournalism if you wish to find out more.

I've just started using Feels and it's so fun to get out and take photos, take time to style your outfits and also see how everyone else is wearing certain styles. I know I'm not really a fashion blog but getting out today and taking photos was great and has really inspired me to do more posts of my outfits.

All photos were taken by Joe Dryden.
Me and Joe will be heading down to London at the beginning of June to meet the Feels team. I love the whole concept of the app, the fact it's so new and current and offers so many opportunities I think it's really going to go somewhere big. I can't wait to get back down to London town and hopefully I will have a chance to take some photos and blog whilst I'm there!

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  1. I had never even heard of this app before I read your blog, and it sounds like a great inittiative. After reading your post, I really look forward to experimenting with it as well.