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There's 7 billion people in the world. Why do you feel alone?

Friday, 17 April 2015

As I've vegetated (I mean done loads of uni work) over the easter holidays I managed to catch a very interesting discussion on ITV's, This Morning. It was about being lonely and how actually, more young people feel more alone than the elderly and that got me thinking. Why?

Social media is supposed to bring us together but something tells me it could be a big factor as to why we are feeling more lonely than ever. Social media has turned into a popularity game, a contest of likes and followers and building up on online persona where we have to show everyone all the amazing things we are doing and make our lives look better than everyone elses. We are all guilty of doing it and there probably isn't a 1 answer explanation as to why we do it but for me that's not the damaging part. It's how much we invest in other people's online lives that could interpret how lonely we actually are. In my opinion the more you stop endorsing in peoples online profiles and comparing your life to theirs is when you can start moving forward and move on to better things.

My blog is to entertain. This is not my life in any way. I have a boring mundane life where I get up walk my dog, go to uni or work, come home eat tea and go to bed. I have days where I don't want to get out of bed. Just. Like. You.
I also have 1000+ followers on Instagram, which is cool but that doesn't mean that I have that many friends. People just seem to enjoy looking at photo's of myself, my dog and my socks. Which again is a boring life but because I make the pictures look pretty it makes my life seem a little bit better. When I started secondary school popularity was measured on who had the best Jane Norman bag, who had a Helly Hansen coat or who was allowed to go camping up the moors with a 2 Litre bottle of Strongbow. (I was not one of them people by the way) The first hint of social media popularity was when everyone got Bebo and whoever got the most hearts on there were then the popular people and I suppose it all spiraled down from there.

Human interaction is a big factor of not feeling like you are alone and social media does not give you that interaction. If you have good friends that you talk to online then make that effort to do something with them.
YOU is an important word in all of this. They may not feel alone, it's YOU that has to make that effort, it's YOU that has to go to them and if YOU show them that you enjoy making that effort they are sure to return the gesture.

Getting out and meeting people is so important. Consider volunteering, I still see and am good friends with the Sue Ryder team that I volunteered with. Getting up, outside and meeting people is a much better feeling than staying in your room on your laptop.

And the big this to remember is you're not alone when it comes to feeling alone. Ironically. Everyone goes through it for many reasons in their life but it doesn't last forever.

*DISCLAIMER* I'm not a professional 'don't be lonely' person. You might think I'm talking rubbish that's fine. This is just my thought process. Thanks.

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