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Re-dying black jeans.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Yep. These jeans were black when I bought them. I splashed out on some Joni jeans from Topshop because they are the only jeans that fit me perfectly and give my body a little bit more shape. So after about 5-6 washes I was pretty annoyed that they started wearing away and just looked so grubby and tatty. When you're a student you don't want to be spending £40 everytime your jeans wear away so I turned to home dying kits. 
For the Dylon Wash and Dye packet I used you can pick them up for around £5 and they will turn your jeans back to black and it's so simple to use. 

1) Put the full packet of dye in the drum of your washing machine. 
2) Throw in your jeans and making sure the temperature is on 40 degrees start a normal wash cycle. 
3) Once that cycle is done add some washing detergent and put the machine back on another 40 wash. This will wash out your washing machine of any excess dye. 
4) Dry your jeans and fall in love with them again! 

As you can see the results I got were brilliant and will save me from having to purchase another black pair of jeans. So before you throw out any worn away jeans consider re-dying them you'll save yourself a lot of money. 

5 comments on "Re-dying black jeans. "
  1. Ahh wow! Look at the results! I'm actually doing exactly the same thing to my Topshop Jeans soon although I had no idea what the outcome would be like, but that looks so good! I can't wait to do mine now! Did all of the dye come out of the washing machine? - Hanney xo

  2. Never actually heard of doing this but sounds smart, I have a couple that definitely need more colouring.

  3. This is so helpful, I've been needing to dye my topshop jeans!

    Lucy |

  4. This is so helpful, I've been needing to dye my topshop jeans!

    Lucy |