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The Body Shop favourites.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015
It's only in the past year that I have ventured into The Body Shop and now it is one of my favourite places to go. Even if I don't actually buy anything I always feel clean being in there and always have a good relationship with the staff.

First 2 items are those that have helped my skin a lot. The body shop are famous for their body butters and theres a very good reason why. They use well, they smell good and they make your skin feel great! The one I have is the vitamin E with wheatgerm oil which gives the butter a light and fresh smell. I've never loved the fruity body butters just because they smell heavy and too strong for my liking. Next is the seaweed clay mask. Like the body butter this has such a light and fresh smell. The clay is very thick which I didn't think I would like because I do own thinner clay masks but this really sinks in and cleanses your skin. If you have dry skin this probably wouldn't work but for combination/oily skin it will be perfect!

One thing I haven't dived into yet is The Body Shop makeup. All these items I've heard great reviews about and have purposely wanted to try them out but other than that I haven't experimented with anything else. I will eventually and let you know how it goes I'm sure.
First is the all-in-one Instablur and BB cream. The Instablur is in my opinion the best primer you can pick up on the high street, it does everything it needs to and I can't fault it. The BBcream is perfect for the days you don't want to wear too much makeup and is also my go to product for summer and holidays. Its light and blends easily but just makes you look that little bit more glowing and alive.
I've not worn in my bronzer yet but I have only been using it for about a week. I stood and stared at them for a good 5 minutes debating which shade to get, in the end I picked up the medium shade and for my skin colour it works better as a contour than a general bronzer.
Finally is the lipstick that started off my purple lip fad. I bow down to these lipsticks and this colour especially which is number 240. You can build it up to be as subtle or dramatic as you want and doesn't leave you lips all dry and cracked.

I'm keen to keep on trying out new Body Shop products so no doubt there will be more of these posts. If you have any favourites not on here then let me know!

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