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Goodbye hair! ~ Little princess trust.

Thursday, 19 February 2015
I finally braved the scissors and have done what I have been wanting to do since last year. It's very easy to get lost in long hair and hide behind it, almost like a safety blanket. 2015 is my year for fresh starts and change whether its just something as small as chopping my hair it has definitely made a big difference.

I had a lot of hair to be chopped off and I didn't just want it fall on the floor and be swept away. Doing some research my choice of charity was the Little Princess Trust who make real haired wigs for children who are suffering hair loss.

For some reason hair has a lot of power. By that I mean people were quite upset when I told them I was cutting it all off and I know that the last time I unintentionally went short I was so upset I cried. When at the end of the day it is just hair and when people have that luxury taken away from them because of an illness they can't control I don't see why me cutting 8/9 inch off my hair is a big deal.

If anyone wants to get involved with doing this then all the details are on the Little Princess Trust website. If you are having a big change to your hair then do something good for charity and donate it. I know the best part of my day was being free of my mane and I'm now starting to embrace life with short hair! (Side note: It's also really funny when you take your hair to the post office and they say "can I ask what it is you are sending?" ermmmm hair? Well it amused me anyway.)

I told you this would be much different from my last post so now it's time to get playing around with my new hair and seeing if I can inspire all you short haired folks with some new hair styles!

2 comments on "Goodbye hair! ~ Little princess trust. "
  1. Looks beautiful Lucy and what a lovely thing to do. xx

  2. Looks beautiful Lucy and what a lovely thing to do. xx