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Friday, 6 February 2015
Before I get started on this very vague title of 'Does it matter?' I would just like to welcome myself and the old and new readers back to my blog. I'm taking a slightly different approach to my blog now just because I lost inspiration and interest very quickly. Although I will still be posting about hair, beauty, fashion, the usual planned posts, I also want to personalise this blog a lot more than it is. Share with you my days out. My bad days, good days and properly let you all into my "land". I will try to post regularly but having set days to post became like a chore to me and I want to enjoy this blog and I want you to enjoy reading it. I'll always keep my Twitter and Instagram (@inlucysland) updated as to when I post so follow me over on those sites if you want to keep up to date.

SO now that's explained lets start the adventures of the day. 

I woke up quite early this morning considering I had a day off and had the plans of taking Archie on a grand adventure. Getting up and looking in the mirror I see dry skin, spots, cut lips, dandruff, dry hair. Basically not a great appearance day. Stressing out over that I get dressed and get Archie ready for his walk. Living in Yorkshire you can pretty much walk 40 paces down the road and end up in the middle of a field but I wanted to venture further today. This is where I encounter the next problem. Icy car. For anyone who has a Peugeot 107 you will know how much of a faf it is de-icing your car.  

The little pug is now de-iced and I get into my car. Snap! My bra breaks. I'm getting more wound up and it's not yet reached 9am but I carry on and drive to my destination. Once there I make the decision to just ditch the bra, I have a big scarf and coat on anyway. Time to start our 9 mile walk and take lots of pictures right? 

Wrong. 2 miles round and my camera lens decides to break. No more taking photos on the camera. It's a good job I had my phone to carry on taking photos right? 

Wrong. 1 photo taken and my phone dies on 17%. Being an anxious person I start to panic a little and think "oh my god I'm going to fall over a rock and die and no one will ever find me because my phone is dead."

*Here is where this first world problem story gets better.
I continued my walk and took in the scenery, the cold air, the sunshine, the friendly hellos with other walkers. I had no concept of time it was just me and Archie. It's so easy to get caught up in everyday things and let them anger you or wind you up. 3 hours later I get back to the car and think, does it really matter that I have dry skin, spots, cut lips, dandruff, a broken lense, a dead phone and a lack of breast holders? No. I've spent all morning with just me, my dog and nature and appreciated every minute of it. So here are the photos that I managed to take this morning but as for the rest of the walk I'm happy to keep them memories in my head.

Admittedly I've not had a very good few weeks and if any of you are feeling the same take this into account. Just get up one morning and make the most of a beautiful day. Turn off your phone and shut yourself out from the world for a couple of hours and take in your surroundings. Then when you get home get the kettle on and chill out like me and Archie. You'll find that all the things that have stressed you out do not matter. 

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