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Archieventures: Passing on my wisdom.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015
Hello human friends. It's been far too long since I was last tip typing away on here but you will understand why when you read my post.

So lets go back to Sunday, October 5th 2014 where I was basking on the sofa with master Mama and Papa, I do enjoy a lazy Sunday, when my peace and earth was shattered. Two small creatures like myself come into MY house that go by the name of Dexter and Denzil. Don't ask me which one is which my old brain gets them confused.
Clearly distressed by the situation at hand I then come to find out that they belong to master Leanne and Carly, meaning they are part of the FAMILY. Now I was not prepared to be a fatherly figure to these scoundrels, I thought I'd given up that role when the masters took me to the big scary place to remove my... 'you know what's.'  This whole situation was an abomination.

Luckily they were not here permanently and would be living in master Leanne and Carly's houses so I could continue my normal life in the Slater mansion. They came to visit a lot of the time and it was clear they needed some lessons on how to be a prize Jack Russell like moi.

Rule 1. Dress up in silly outfits. Masters love it and it will make their friends love you as well. Resulting in human treats.

Rule 2. Have a signature face you pull every now and again. This will make you cute. Resulting in human treats.

Rule 3. Work the puppy eyes. Especially when human food is around. Believe it or not this too results in human treats.
As time went by though I grew fond of them. I've taught them many things to get by in life such as always destroy the flat white bombs as they come through the letterbox, that man tries every day and I always win.
As you can see I have given them some brilliant life advice and now they have turned in to handsome young chaps just like their old man. (Although I wish they would move so that I could get the prime human leg space to nap on.)

Until next time human friends. WOOF. 

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