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"You're not a real woman."

Wednesday, 19 November 2014
Being so thin that you are unhealthy is never ok. I will never ever support the mass "pro-anorexia" cult that scarily I see so often around the internet. These people have mental illnesses and needs treating like any other illness.

Take this to the catwalk and the whole size 0 epidemic that constantly crops up in the media makes my blood boil and not for the normal reasons you would think. Newspapers and magazines covered in the phrase "real women should be on the catwalk."
Now before I start a huge outcry I'm all for variations on the catwalk, I do not support unhealthy models but just because they are thin does not mean they aren't a real woman. Everyone is built differently and whatever size you are should not justify whether you are a "real woman" or not.

Just because someone is thin doesn't mean they are unhealthy.

This isn't just about the media spotlight on women either because this kind of bullying happens in everyday life but it seems that people are blind to the fact that thinner people are bullied just as much as bigger people. In my life I've had my fair share of abuse said to me. I've had people physically throw food at me telling me to eat and even just the other day at work a woman had to make the comment "well people aren't going to feel good about themselves whilst people like you work here" as she tried on her clothes.

BuzzFeed put up THIS excellent report and I know that one of these happens to me at least every day.

I know this blog post won't change anything and the reality is that this will never go away, but if I open the eyes of at least one person then that's enough for me. This is just a subject that I feel passionately about and I wanted addressing on my blog.

Also if any of you have any views on this subject please feel free to join in the discussion whether you agree or not?

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