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Real Techniques Face and Eye kit.

Saturday, 2 August 2014
These have been on my wish list since the start of the year and I'm so happy my makeup brush collection is now growing. I thought this post might be useful for anyone wanting to buy these starter kits and give you an insight on what I enjoy using them for. I think they are fantastic value for money and they even come with a case/stand to put them in. I have been using them daily so they do need a clean but I haven't had time at the moment so just use your imagination.

Face Starter kit.

1. Buffing brush.
I find this brush best for applying foundation. Obviously the name is in the brush but it definitely does what it says on the tin. On a daily basis I use the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and this brush helps with blending it into my skin and gives me a really natural look with it still giving me coverage at the same time.

2. Contour brush.
I cannot stress how much I love this brush. It is the perfect size for getting into the hollows of your cheeks and making your cheekbones really pop. I'd pair this brush the sleek contour kit, with my bronzers and also highlighters because it is also an ideal size for applying highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones.

3. Foundation brush.
I do not put my foundation on with this brush. I feel like it's a little bit too small to what I am used to, however when I apply my concealer on before my foundation I find this is perfect for blending that in and the pointed end helps to work my concealer into my under eye area.

4. Concealer brush.
Like I said before I tend to use the foundation brush for applying my concealer before my foundation. However this brush is perfect for touching up either after you have applied your makeup and need some extra under eye coverage or if you have any blemishes that need some extra attention. The size is perfect for getting into them smaller areas or when you need some extra precision.

Eye starter kit.

1. Deluxe crease brush. 
This brush is my new best friend. My makeup preference is that I am an eye person over lip person. I have far too many eye shadows but they all get used. This brush is so good for blending a darker colour into your crease and also I find that it's a perfect size to highlight my brow bone as well.

2. Base shadow brush. 
Another does what it says on the tin brush. Sometimes if you are going for a subtle smokey eye and don't want a harsh colour to blend into the crease then this brush is excellent for building up your base colour into the crease of your eye.

3. Accent brush 
This brush is perfect for any smaller details you wish to put into your eye look. I tend to use this brush to line under my eyes with a dark shadow to create a smokier look. If you have any pigments or want to put a highlighter into the corner of your eye then this brush is also good for placing those on precisely and really effectively.

4+5. Brow brush and fine liner brush. 
I've put these two together because I haven't found any use for them yet. I'm very lazy with my brows, I've never plucked them and in my everyday makeup routine I just tend to comb through them and shade them in with a pencil. Maybe someday I will convert to shading with a shadow but for now using a pencil is quick and easy. I have gel liners in pots but I very rarely use them and when I do I tend to use a small angled brush. So again I haven't quite find a purpose to use that one. If anyone owns these brushes and uses them for anything else then do let me know!

I've been thinking about starting filming makeup tutorials so if you would like to see anything in particular then let me know! I still need to sort out equipment and editing software but it is definitely a project on my to do list!

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