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Nicole Scherzinger inspired hairstyle.

Saturday, 12 July 2014
I have been having a lazy week this week so one thing I will apologize for slacking on blog posts but whilst I've been slobbing on my sisters sofa I caught Nicole Scherzinger on Lorraine and I fell in love with her hairstyle and thought I would treat you all to a new hair tutorial! If you didn't see her on Lorraine then here's the look I'm going to recreate.

I am a big lover of boho hairstyles and she worked this so well I could not resist trying this myself! If you aren't so good at plaiting then this may be difficult and also I'm not sure how well this will work with short hair so I apologize for that! But lets get started.

I would recommend doing this with a day or two old hair and just running some dry shampoo through your hair. The first thing you will need to do is tight braid the left/right side of your head depending on where your parting sits. To get the sections perfect I run a kirby grip through my hair to get a precise section. The key to doing this is to keep the three sections small and pulled tight at all times, and then all you need to do is start plaiting and gradually adding small sections of hair in at a time until you pull away from the hairline. Then plait a little bit further down and tie it with an elastic tie. This is only temporary so we can incorporate it into the fishtail. As you can see I have a rubbish hair line so if you have a lot of baby hair like me then you will need to spend a bit more time doing this step.

Next you need to take down your hair and part it depending on how much you want loose and how much you want in the fishtail. Then tie up the part you want loose just to get it out of the way when you do your fishtail. If you don't know how to fishtail then I will leave a link to youtube here. (that is not my video) Don't worry if you don't get it first time it can be frustrating to master and took me atleast a month before I could do a perfect one! Before you start your fishtail you want to tease your crown for some added height and volume then just go ahead and start fishtailing!
To create a messier look run your fingers up the plait and this will loosen any strands of hair. You can also widen the fishtail or leave it as thin as you like.

Now thats done you can take down the rest of your hair. Brush through it and spray in some salt spray or texturizing spray of your preference. I am using the Vo5 just because I'm a little Vo5 mad at the moment! Tease the roots again for height and also so your hair will stay over to the side. Normally I would have left my hair as it was because of my natural curls but if you have straight hair then follow these steps.

Take a curling wand and to create these beach waves a thicker wand would be a lot more effective but I do not own one. Using a small curling wand you are going to want to make the strands of hair thick and keep them far apart from each other for more of a beach look than a neat ringlet. Once you've got the curls you want run you fingers through the curls just to loosen them a little more and secure your hair with hairspray!

Finished! Phew that was a long one but so worth it. Let me know if you try out this hairstyle just tag me on Instagram or Twitter!

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  1. Thanks Lucy for this amazing hair style. I have very long hair and i was looking for some great hairstyle for a party this weekend. I am lucky enough to get a great hair style from this blog.