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Saturday, 26 July 2014
Well if you've been following my instagram and read my last post you will know what is coming! The results of my skin detox!

So this has been one hell of a week not only for my face but for my health. I over worked on Sunday and Monday and ended up full of cold (in summer... only me). However I battled through and made it out of the end of my one week skin detox and here are all the products in my routine. I love every single one and as I go through will explain how I use them and what works best for me.

Day 1- Saturday.
To start off my detox week I spent my saturday night in. Saved some money and had a well needed pamper night. I started off by saying adios to my well made up face for a whole week. So I removed as much makeup as I could with the Johnson make up wipes and removed my eye makeup with the Simple eye makeup remover and then washed and cleansed my face with the Simple face wash and cleanser. I then applied the Elemis face peel and left that on for around 10 minutes before rinsing. My skin was already feeling nice and clean so I was excited for the week ahead.

Day 2- Sunday.
This was not a great day. I work in a kitchen and the English weather at the moment has been humid and gross. I hadn't been feeling great since Thursday but when I woke up Sunday I had developed a cough and cold which then was made worse by pot washing for 12 full hours. Warm kitchen, greasy pots and pans really not great for the skin. I finally got home around 10:45pm and somehow found the energy to wash and cleanse my face before collapsing into bed. A little side note: After you wash your face done rub it with a towel as it can be very rough and irritate your skin. Just bunch up a towel and dab around your face.

Day 3- Monday.
My cold got progressively worse during Monday. I woke up and exfoliated my skin with the Clean and Clear daily exfoliating scrub and moisturised with the Nivea moisturiser. I went for a walk around a nearby reservoir and was then struck by hay fever, which as another little side note I have never suffered with in my entire life but now my body wants to torture me at 19.  I came home and again washed and cleansed my face but noticed I had broken out in a few little pimples. That called for only one thing. My trusted decleor spot stick. This is like a roller ball applicator and I applied that just before bed for it to dry any pimples up over night!

Day 4- Tuesday.
A day of resting. I woke up with my eyes feeling awfully dry from the hay fever the day before. After washing my face and moisturising I applied the Simple eye balm just to sooth the dryness and make my eyes feel a little less tired. After a well needed relaxation day I finished the day with a detoxifying dead sea mineral face mask from superdrug. These masks are so cheap and are really good for them odd days to just give your skin some extra refreshment. Also as my pimples had not fully gone put some more Decleor product on them.

Day 5- Wednesday
Ah pimple free! My skin is finally starting to feel smooth and definitely looks more vibrant and uplifted. Although I'm still bunged up with a cold I woke up and did my usual wash, moisturise and applied some more eye balm because of this pesky hay fever. Then at night time I deep cleansed my face with the Clean and Clear deep cleansing lotion. I used to use this pretty much every night but found that because it is such a deep cleanser all the moisture was being sucked from my face. So now I just stick to using it once a week. However I find this to be such a good deep cleanser it picks up a lot of dirt on your face that sometimes would be missed with the Simple one.

Day 6- Thursday
My routine of washing my face in a morning and a night now is become as automatic as brushing my teeth. I wake up and look forward to refreshing my face. As the week has gone on however I have started to dislike my moisturiser. It's very thick on my face and it just feels like it doesn't blend into my face anymore.

Day 7- Friday
The last day! If anything I thought I would miss putting makeup on to get ready but I could happily carry on wearing as minimal or no makeup just because I enjoy having that feeling that my skin is clean. So after this sunny week my face has gone a light shade of pink and I did my morning face wash and moisturiser and night time cleanse. There's one thing that I haven't mentioned as well and that is that not only have I been looking after my skin but I have been trying to keep myself as hydrated as possible. I have been trying to drink a pint of water in a morning whilst I am getting ready and then one before bed. Admittedly I haven't been drinking as much as I should during the day otherwise my skin might have been even better but I'm happy with my results!

Here are the before and after looks and although they were taken in different lighting I can see a lot more improvement to my skin and the darkness under my eyes.
Now that I've done a week without any makeup I can finally test my new makeup brushes out so check back next week for them!

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