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Summer Outfit under £10!

Monday, 9 June 2014
Hello everyone!

The weather is finally getting nicer and with my sudden realisation that I don't own that many summer clothes I thought I'd better do something about it! Now this time of year just before my birthday I tend to scrimp on money, what with car insurance and festival tickets that are needed and the fact my sisters birthday is two days before mine... so I decided to challenge myself to find an outfit within the budget of £10. Naturally I ran straight to primark but instead of going for the obvious having a look around some vintage shops or even asos marketplace is an amazing place to pick up some bargains. So, here is what I came up with.

Starting with my dress (yes guilty it is from primark) but it was only £4 and the lightweight cotton material and small crochet detailing on the top adds that little bit extra to a simple dress. Next is the pink crochet cardigan. I love these not only for summer days but also on holiday's when you are on the beach and the fringing around the edge of it just adds more of a boho style to it. I found this when the Vintage Kilo sale was last in Leeds and with that being the only thing I bought it only cost me £2.20. The Vintage Kilo Sales travel all around the UK so give it a google and see where your nearest one is, they are definitely worth going. Now I know you can't see my feet. Blogger fail. However, I am simply wearing some pink multi wear sandals also from primark and they were only £2.50. Finally my flower headband was good old Ebay for 99p.

So if I passed my GCSE maths that works out at a total of £9.69 and you still have 31p to go wild with!

If you would like me to do some more posts like this then let me know, I'm always looking for a bargain.

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