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Archieventures: The story of me.

Saturday, 17 May 2014
Greetings! Archie here again with another post and I thought it may be time to tell you all about myself because obviously I am the most exciting dog in the world.

Here I am in my younger days (everybody aw). I was brought into this odd world of furless two legged creatures on March 30th 2007 in Somerset. Absolutely terrified because everything was so big I spent a lot of time sleeping, that way people knew where I was and wouldn't step on me. But as my siblings started dissapearing to new homes and masters I was afraid that I would have to live a lonely life. However, the master Slaters came to retrieve me and took me to my new home all the way up in Yorkshire.

After my very long journey I was finally in my new home and couldn't wait to get settled down. My owners had their own mini park round the back of the house so I can enjoy a spot of stick chewing when the sun is shining. As a couple of years went by I noticed I was being shouted at a lot for walking on the soil and chewing on some colourful plants master mother kept on burying. Closely observing the situation with the precious colourful plants I saw master mother giving them water, so being the best pet I could possibly be I decided to give her a hand one day. But then also got shouted at when the water contraption didn't work and I chewed it up. Finally after settling into my home I thought it be more appropriate to pick my own bed rather than use the one my masters chose and I found this one suited me rather nicely.

My life in Yorkshire has been lovely. My favourite place to run around is Aireville Park whether it is with a big ball or a small one. Or one I have stolen from another person and burst it before they get the chance to catch me. I make many friends in the park, although I soon get bored because they just want me for my ball and try to chew my face. I also enjoy going for a nice paddle, although I don't go in too much because my legs get tired and I have to try use my tail as an extra push. I shan't talk too much about life in Yorkshire as I wish to save that for my further adventures.

Oh now this is an exciting part. There seems to be this time every year, it gets chilly outside and I have to demand for my masters to put my coat on before a walk. Things around the house start changing. Master mother puts a fake weeing plant in the house and starts hanging balls all over it and I get told off for wanting to play with them. Then all these lights start flashing around the house and some boxes get put under the weeing plant that smell like chocolate. Then one night I will just happily be sleeping and dreaming and the next day all these boxes are ripped and even I get to help rip them. Wow it's the best day ever. Master grandparents even come to visit and bring me toys and treats. I'm not sure why I had to wear a silly outfit, but I buried that in the garden years ago. After many years of this day I discovered it has a name. Christmas. Then it gets even colder outside and all this white fluff starts falling from the sky and it is cold on my paws but master father and Lucy always magic some balls out of the white fluff and when they throw them they disappear, it still confuses me now after 7 years. Then master father and Lucy make a big pile of white fluff and use all my things to decorate it which I don't think is fair and I destroy the pile of fluff. Mwuhahaha.

Master Lucy enjoys making me look silly. There were a lot of photos of me dressed up and I have many items of clothing ranging from coats to polo shirts to jumpers and dressing gowns. Master Lucy finds it funny to dress me in human things though. I secretly like dressing up so I will do you my accessories of the days. Starting on the left my sunglasses are from master Lucy's wardrobe and my necklace is from master Lucy's wardrobe. Next my ears are from master Lucy's wardrobe. Finally my mask is from master Lucy's wardrobe. I hope that was helpful. Now it isn't all master Lucy dressing me up. One night she turned herself into me. For something called Halloween or something. That night when people come to the house and steal all the human treats. Strange.

Me and master Lucy enjoy taking pictures of ourselves. She taught me how to find my good side and where the light catches my face best. My favourite programme to watch with master Lucy is Americas/Britains Next Top Model so Tyra Banks and Elle Macpherson show me what to do. Even if they do like a cats walk better than dogs, I look fabulous in all my photos so they must know what they are talking about. Another thing master Lucy has helped me with are my tricks. I enjoy showing visitors what I can do, with things such as rolling over, praying, and waiting till I'm told to get my food. However, I recently learnt an extra special trick that is my favourite one! Have a look.

All in all though I'm the happiest dog ever and I love my masters. Even if i do get shouted at a lot. And as you can see I am a very happy pooch. I hope you enjoyed my life so far and will be joining me for further adventures. You can also see what I get up to on master Lucy's Instagram. Woof Woof!

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