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Archieventures: Malham

Saturday, 12 April 2014
Greetings human species, Archie here with my very first "Archieventures" post. These posts will be all the adventures I have with my wonderful owners.

So I went to a little Yorkshire town called Malham. From what Lucy kept on saying yesterday it is recently famous for being in something called Garry... Harry... Barry... Something Potter. I shall inform you when we get to that part of the post anyway but if you were a true fan you would recognise it. First stop after chasing some very large white fluffy feral dogs around a field was a giant water bowl with an eternal supply of water. It was all a merry adventure until Lucy threw my stick in the giant bowl and I had to retrieve my stick companion.

Janets Foss

An adventure wouldn't be an adventure without a few obstacles along the way. Those extra christmas pounds are still clung to my undercarriage so I'm not as slick at sliding under the gates anymore however, this makes no sense as I do not carry the traits of the longer legged Jack Russell so my stumpiness serves me well when sliding under small spaces.

One thing it certainly does not serve me well with is jumping and climbing. The satanic wooden ladders hold many difficulties for me so I often get a master to lift me down safely. Remember miniature canine pals, the outdoors is a big place and us older dogs need to look after our backs.

Now as if the satanic wooden ladders weren't hard enough I then had to tackle huge rocks inconveniently placed miles apart from each other. My masters just wandered off as if they were walking down the road whilst I was faced with the rocks of impending doom. Nevertheless i took the leaps of faith and was able to perch on a rock and have some pork pies whilst watching the world go by. Oh and this is the Potter part.

Note from Lucy: Archie had to be guided by me and Tom so he could find a route with the smallest gaps. Note to owners, dogs with small legs struggle at the top of Malham Cove.

This is when Mufasa spoke out to me and said "Look, Archie. Everything the light touches is our kingdom." I didn't believe him. Stupid cat.

Tanning my stomach. Maybe one day I will be all brown like the models.

My arms weren't long enough to take a selfie. Master Tom offered to help though, although when it came round to it i wasn't quite in the cheery mood so I went for a more, "loving life but not too much" look. I think it works.

After being towel dried I was able to curl up and enjoy the sunny car ride home. My overall rating for the day would be 8/10. But the 2 points are only because of my leg defaults. I shall be back again with more adventures soon!

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