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How to do: Milkmaid Braid!

Saturday, 29 March 2014
Hello everyone!

Today I have been trying out the Milkmaid braid, I've seen a lot of people with this hairstyle recently and thought I would give it a go myself and share how I did it! I expected it to be quite difficult but its not at all and it didn't take me any longer than 10 minutes to do. Im not sure how well this will work with short hair as mine is quite long, but if you do have long hair then give it a go! All you will need for this look is a comb, some bobby pins, some small rubber hair bands and hairspray.

Now first things first you want to divide your hair into two and just clip one side up so it is out of the way.

Next you want to backcomb the roots of your hair to add a bit more volume and partition your hair into 3 parts and start with a normal braid then secure it at the bottom with a small band. Then do the same to the other side so you end up with a typical two sided braid.

Now take one of your braids and cross it over the top of your head and secure it into place with bobby pins. Once you feel that it is secure enough you can take out the hair band. Don't worry about any loose parts at the back because they can all be pinned into place afterwards.

Then all you have to do is the same to the other side and pin into place any loose parts that may have come out. If you prefer to have all your hair pinned back then thats fine. I have just pulled small parts of my fringe down just to frame my face as I'm not a fan of it all scraped back.

Then Hairspray to hold it. I use the shockwaves, I swear by this hairspray its so good! And... Finished! It's really that simple and easy to do and I think its a beautiful style for coming up to summer!

OH! And one last thing that I care about. Its Archie Pooches 7th birthday tomorrow, although I will be at work there will be some cute photo's up on instagram in the morning so check that out at @inlucysland.

Speak soon!

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