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Flowers and Bows!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014
First of all i'm going to apologise for not posting in so long! Uni work has been crazy and there hasn't been a lot to write about really. This post is only going to be short and sweet but on Saturday I will bring you another "get ready with me" so keep an eye out for that one!

Now that it is getting further into Spring I wanted to accessorise my outfits to be brighter and just generally "spring cute." I always lack in hair accessories and now my hair is reaching a length I am happy with I thought it would be nice to start bringing my hair to life! So me being me I got straight onto Ebay to see what I could find and managed to get a lot of things ordered.

*oh and everything that is below was 99p- with free delivery* cheap as chips!

Starting with Flowers!

And finally the bows. I am waiting for some brighter colours to come but the England-Hong Kong deliveries require patience! It's just a cute way of wearing a ponytail.

Obviously I had to bully Archie into participating in my blog. He's such a cutie!

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