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Get ready with me: Black tie event.

Saturday, 22 February 2014
So tonight I am loosing my "black tie event virginity" if you will. I have been frantically browsing the internet for makeup and hair style ideas and now I have a few ideas I thought it would be nice to share with you how I get my look and you can try it at home! Bearing in mind I am having to give myself about 7 hours to get ready so I can do all this but it will be worth it! This could be a long post so be prepared.

So I thought I would start with Makeup! All the makeup I'll be using will be highstreet/drugstore makeup so its all affordable. Now I never usually wear that much makeup but considering I am going to quite a swanky do i'd better look like I have made an effort. So starting with face! Typical me I've had a really good skin month and now I have somewhere to go my chin is starting to break out.

So I started with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer(ivory) and just applied that to my blemishes and under my eyes to reduce the darkness. Sticking with Rimmel I then applied the Match Perfection Foundation(true Ivory) with a little makeup sponge. I would usually use a brush but they have all fallen to bits and I am just waiting to purchase some new ones. To set it all I just brush on some Rimmel Stay Matte Powder(transparent). Now that's done I am going in with an MUA bronzer just lightly under the cheekbones and then anywhere else I want bronzing. As for blushers I have so many but the one I am especially loving right now is the Seventeen blush&glow(Peachy). It's double sided but it gives off a lovely shimmer. Just apply this onto the apples of my cheeks with a Bare escentuals brush and Tahdah! Oh and deal with the cat ears, I've lost my proper makeup headband.

Now I am looking exeptionally scary without anything around my eyes this is the next step! My outfit tonight is black and gold so im going to keep that within the colours i put on my eyes and just make them super bronzed because a bronzed eye is right on trend at the moment and its super classy without you looking too over the top.

Starting off with just giving my eyebrows a little colour in. Home truth i've never plucked my eyebrows, they are just there on my face and I give them a little comb and shade them in and I do that with a Rimmel eyebrow pencil (I would tell you what its called but i've had it that long all the writing has rubbed off but you can see it in the picture with the eyebrow brush on the lid). Next is eyeshadow and I am using the MUA eye pallet(Heaven and earth) and i will be using the gold colour on the top row third in from the left. I would usually go for a smokey eye when I go out but my dress has so much character to it I really just want to keep a simple look for my makeup. Once i've blended that onto the eyelid I then take the Collection eyeshadow pencil(vanilla sky) and work that into the corner of my eyes for a bit of extra pop. Eyeshadow done! Now for the hard part. People that know me will know that my hands shake uncontrollably so putting eyeliner on is like an extreme sport for me. I don't want to flick out of the eye too much but just a subtle one to make my eyes look slightly bigger. And then I simply take the Kohl pencil eyeliner in black and just apply that slightly under my eye for a bit more or a dramatic smudged look! Obviously no look is complete without mascara. Well thats what I think anyway And the Rimmel Glam eyes mascara is my absolute favourite and its nearly running out. (Anyone seeing a bit of a rimmel theme going on here?) Generously apply to the eyelashes, add some super glossy lipgloss which is Estée Lauder high gloss(rose)

Makeup is done!

Hair Time! So there probably won't be a lot that I can show you because i'm going for a messy up do and will probably just end up throwing it up but I will try my best! So I've had a shower and washed my hair with the V05 give me moisture shampoo and conditioner then part towel dried my hair. Whilst it was damp I ran some L'Oréal curl and gloss mouse through the whole of my hair and de-fused it until it was bone dry.

Then I sprayed some V05 products into the roots and through my hair (plump it up and give me texture) and it curled like this...

If you want a messy up do its important to put a lot of product in your hair so 1) it stays put and 2) it will mould nicely into what you want it to do and will have great volume and texture to it. Then to add some more volume I proceeded to backcomb my crown and under layers and spray with L'Oréal Matt&Messy.

Now to scrunch it all up. I'm going to put it slightly to the side just because I think its still nice to have something to frame your face rather than having it all back. Putting in a bobble and I'm just going to tie it into a small bun. Then pulling out the bun to make it bigger and getting some bobby pins to put back into place any certain areas that might have dropped. Then pull down any bits at the front you may want and done! That was easier than I thought it was going to be! Better go get dressed now!

This is my completed look!

My dress is from Topshop, shoes are from Dorothy Perkins and my box clutch from Next(which is actually mums and she threw a paddy because it goes with my outfit better than hers. Sorry mum!)

I'm going to go have some fun now so let me know if you try out anything from this and I'll be back again next week!

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